While not required, a deposit holds the kid until he/she is ready to go.  Other prospective buyers are then placed on a waiting list.  Our goal is to provide a happy, healthy kid and that the buyer is pleased with their selection.  We do our best to present our goats accurately at time of posting.  However, kids can change quickly, especially during the 1st two months.  With that in mind, we like to send the buyer updated photos every two weeks until pick-up or delivery.  In addition, the buyer will be notified of all relavent information and changes.  For example, not all kids indicate the development of horns at the same time.  If it originally appeared that a kid would be polled but is now developing horns, the buyer would be notified right away.  He/she could then decide to (a) accept the animal "as is", (b) allow us to disbud, or (c) request a refund of the deposit.  The same applies to markings, eye color, etc.

The bottom line is this; we are only interested in finding the right home for our doelings and bucklings.  We also understand that sometimes circumstances arise and the buyer is unable to keep their commitment.  In those instances, we want all buyers to know that we will work with them and will be as accomodating as practically possible.

PineOak Farm Ouija

PineOak Farm Ouija (Ouija) is one of our latest Nigerian Dwarf bucklings.  He was born on April 30th, has blue eyes and has been disbudded. 

Ouija is priced at $125.  A 50% deposit will hold him until ready for pick-up.  

POFM Dark Arcy

This handsome little fellow was born on August 16th, has blue eyes and is polled.  

Arcy is priced at $200.  A 50% deposit will hold him until ready for pick-up or delivery.